40ha land with possibility
to construct

Paraty - Brasil

Exclusive property for sale

Visible from everywhere in Paraty
Only 10km from the city center

Privileged location

Key Values

Exclusive 40ha land

An exclusive and privileged 40-hectare land in the mountains just outside of Paraty, Brazil. Surrounded by the iconic and protected natural reserve ‘Serra da Bocaina’.

2 mineral springs

The water supply on this property (crystal clear mineral mountain water) comes from two natural springs on the land. The quality of the water is of the highest of the whole region.

License to construct

The possibility and license to construct on other areas of the land is one of the highest potentials of this property. A carefully designed architectural project that integrates into the landscape will exploit this property to its maximum.

All documents regulated

All documents are regulated. All taxes are paid. This property is ready to change owner fast and without any legal obstacle. This is not very common in Brazil, especially in rural areas.

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Casinha Branca - a brief history

The Casinha Branca was built between 2006 and 2009 and was run as an exclusive and luxury hotel between 2009 and 2015. The hotel business was a success, with suites charged up to 500 USD / night. The owner of the property, who also built the infrastructure and ran the business, moved to Italy for personal reasons in 2018, after which Casinha Branca could not be run anymore and stayed empty.

40 ha
80-90 %
Occupancy rate

Business opportunities

Luxury Hotel

Refurbish this property into a luxury hotel and offer your clients the most amazing stay with spectacular views. As a 5-star hotel you will stand out between the saturated market in Paraty.

Retreat Center

The calmness and pureness of the environment and its healthy and rejuvenating energy is the perfect context for courses or retreats with focus on health or personal growth. 

Eco Tourism

Being partly located into the iconic Serra the Bocaine, many options can be designed to offer eco tourism. Think of hikes, horse riding, exploring the forest etc.

Mineral Water Collection

During water shortages in the past in Paraty, Casinha Branca was one of the only place to have access to pure and abundant source of water. The quality of mineral water, this resource can be turned into an interesting (complementary) business. 

Family or Community Residence

Because of the distribution of suites and a large kitchen and shared common area, and because of the possibility to construct on other areas of the land, this property is a perfect start to build a family or community residence.

Your unique Business idea

Please come and visit Casinha Branca and see for yourself what business opportunities are here to invest in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current state of the property?

The structure of the main house is solid and won’t need much reform. The roof is in a good state. However, all the wooden structure on the outside (like the main deck and the terraces) will need to be replaced, as it is affected by humidity and lack of maintenance in the last X years.
For more details, please contact us.

How is the access to the property?

From Paraty there is an asfalted road that goes to Ponte Branca where it slowly curves into the mountain area. At a certain point the road becomes a hardened sand road leads up to the entrance of the property. On the property itself, the road consists of both cobbled stones and cemented paving.

Can I visit the property?

Of course, please contact us to organize your visit.

Can I see the documents?

Please contact us. If you have a real interest in purchasing the property we will send you all the documents you need to help you in your decision process. All documents are 100% legalised and up-to-date.

How much does this property cost?

Please contact us for further information. Negotiation will be directly with the owner of the property.

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